Known Conflicts

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This page is where we’ll take notes on current known issues and conflicts with other WordPress plugins and themes. This page will change according to the current states of the issues and new conflicts might be added as we find them. When the conflicts are fixed, we will remove them from the list.

Last updated: 18 May 2020

Testimonials Rotator

Causes a PHP error in the Add New Map screen.
There’s a problem on their code, which is using the enter_title_here filter, but not returning a default value, breaking all other implementations of that filter.

Current status: we wrote the plugin author about this issue and we’re waiting to see if he fixes the issue. We will try to workaround this if possible.

WP ULike

Breaks the Add New Map metabox.
We still need to test this better to find out the cause, but it seems they are removing the necessary styles and scripts for our metaboxes to work.

Posted by Carlos Moreira

Lead developer of Interactive Geo Maps plugin.