Known Conflicts

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This page is where we’ll take notes on current known issues and conflicts with other WordPress plugins and themes. This page will change according to the current states of the issues and new conflicts might be added as we find them. When the conflicts are fixed, we will remove them from the list.

Last updated: January 2023

Themes that include the Foundation JS Framework

Hover and click events on the map will not work. The Foundation Framework is changing the way some default javascript functions work, breaking the map event listeners. No solution currently.

There’s a small glitch in the lightbox on some particular mobile devices when this plugin is enabled. If you’re not using the lightbox feature, you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

Cookies and Content Security Policy

There’s no conflict with the plugin directly, but you do need to add to the list of script domains in that plugin settings page for the maps to work properly.

WP ULike

Breaks the Add New Map metabox.
We still need to test this better to find out the cause, but it seems they are removing the necessary styles and scripts for our metaboxes to work.

Causes the edit map screen to malfunction, as the plugin is loading their own files on the map edit screen. A workaround to prevent it might come in future versions of the plugin.

Testimonials Rotator

Causes a PHP error in the Add New Map screen.
There’s a problem on their code, which is using the enter_title_here filter, but not returning a default value, breaking all other implementations of that filter.

Current status: we wrote the plugin author about this issue and we’re waiting to see if he fixes the issue. We will try to workaround this if possible.

Older versions of Ninja Forms + reCaptcha and Legacy Addons

Older versions of Ninja Forms together with some of their addons was causing the list of maps created not to display in the administration. Having these plugins up to date should solve the problem.

Map doesn’t load until container is clicked. Issue and solution described here.

WP Travel Engine – Advanced Itinerary Builder

This plugin is removing some necessary scripts from the map edit screen, causing the UI to not work properly. While they don’t fix this bug, the workaround would be to add the code on this page to your child-theme.

WP Simple Maintenance & Under Construction Mode

User reported issues when saving the map, while this plugin ( which is not maintained anymore ) was active.

WP Leaflet Maps Pro

The Leaflet Maps metabox interfeers with the Interactive Geo Maps edit screen. You’ll need to go to WP Leaflet Maps Pro > Plugin Settings > Metabox Settings and select the option to hide metabox for the IGMAP post type.

Dreamhost Panel Login Plugin

Causes PHP error that might prevent admin dashboard from working correctly. The plugin changes how plugins look for updates and ends up causing an error when IGM is also enabled.