[Pro] Display specific map on click

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While the drilldown option already offers the possibility to display a different map when we click on a country or region automatically, this click action allows you to control what map will display when you click a region or marker. This is particularly useful if you’re using custom maps, that the plugin doesn’t automatically associate with a country or if you want to display a specific map when a marker is clicked, instead of a country/region.

Add your map as an overlay and enable the drilldown option

The map(s) you want to display still need to be added as an overlay of the current map, to make sure they already load and they are available to be called. You’ll also need to enable the drilldown on click option, to make sure the maps are initially hidden.

Set the map ID as the Action Content of your region or marker

To specify which map you want to open, you’ll need to add its ID to the Action Content of the region or marker entry for which you selected this click action.

[Pro] Display specific map on click
To find out the ID of the map, you can hover the map you want in the Overlay Maps list.

[Pro] Display specific map on click
The map ID should be added as the Action Content.

With these 2 steps, you’ll be able to have a specific map display when you click a region or marker.