[Pro] Drill down Maps

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Requirements and Limitations

A drill down map is when we click a region or country and a different map for that region or country displays. Like zooming into that region or country. The PRO version of the plugin partially supports this feature. These are the main things to take into consideration:

  • The plugin is only able to display the maps that are available in the plugin itself. There are no city maps for example. So drilling down to city details is not possible.
  • All possible maps that might display in a drilldown map need to be previously created. For example, if you want to have the US map and when clicking a state a map of that state displays, you’ll need to have the map for all states already create beforehand.

Create the maps

The first step of creating a drill down map, is to create all maps we want to include in the drill down map. Consider the following example of a map for North America, where you can click on Canada to see its regions and also on the US to see the states and even on California to see the counties. To achieve this we created 4 maps:

  • Map of California
  • Map of US
  • Map of Canada
  • Map of North America

Once we have the ‘detailed’ maps, in this case California, US and Canada we create the ‘parent’ North America map.

Using the Overlay Option

For the parent North America map, we’ll choose to ‘overlay the other maps’, by selecting them in the ‘Overlay’ tab.

This will add the maps ‘on top’ of the North America map. Then we enable the ‘Drill down on click’ option. This will hide the maps and only display them when the corresponding region is clicked. So when Canada is clicked in the North America map, it will reveal the map for Canada, part of the overlay collection. The same for the others.

If your overlay country map doesn’t have region data (for example, if it’s empty or only has markers) make sure to enable the ‘allow empty regions’ in the base map overlay options.

Currently the plugin is only able to recognize the maps it provides by default. For custom maps this will not work.

[Pro] Drill down Maps

Other Improvements

Another option you can enable to improve the user experience is to enable the ‘Zoom on Click’ option.

You can find this option in the Map Features tab, Zoom options panel.

With this option enabled, the map will automatically zoom to fit the clicked region in the available space.

[Pro] Drill down Maps