[Pro] Lightbox Actions

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When you click a region or marker, you can set the map to open different kinds of content in a lightbox – a popup window that displays content while dimming the website on the background.

You can have different kinds of content display. Below are some instructions on how you can do each one of them.

External Content – iFrame

If you select the click action to ‘Open URL in a Lightbox – iFrame’ you can open an external site inside the lightbox window. You’ll need to place the URL of the website you want to open in the ‘Action Content’ field of that region or marker. It should be the full URL, containing https:// or http://.

[Pro] Lightbox Actions


To open an image in the lightbox, you’ll need to use the full URL for that image in the ‘Action Content’ field of the region or marker.

If you’re using an image from your website, you can get the full URL going to Media > Library, select the image you want and click ‘Copy Link’. That link can be used in the ‘Action Content’ field.

[Pro] Lightbox Actions
Attachment Details Screen where you can get the full URL to an image in your media library.

Once you have the full image URL you just need to place it in the ‘Action Content’ field.

[Pro] Lightbox Actions
The full URL of an image to be opened in a lighbox.

Tip: If you want to open multiple images in the lightbox, as a slideshow/gallery, you can add multiple links to images divided by commas Available since version 1.5.1. For example:


Custom Content

You can have any custom HTML content open in a lightbox. The plugin is also able to render shortcodes and include them in this custom content. You can write any HTML you want in the ‘Action Value’ field of the region/marker. In the settings page of the plugin, in the ‘Editing’ tab, you can change the ‘Action Content Field Type’ to a WP Rich Text Editor. This way you’ll have a simple editor to help you formatting your content.

[Pro] Lightbox Actions
Text Editor for the Action Content.