[Pro] Use custom geoJSON file

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In the PRO version you can use a custom geoJSON file to create map shapes.

Video Tutorial

Get the geoJSON file

To do that the first step is to get the geoJSON, make sure it’s in the correct syntax and host the file somewhere.

Getting the geoJSON might be a complex task, depending on what you’re trying to do. We won’t get into much details, since it’s outside the scope of the plugin, but you can usually find geoJSON files which are made available by government websites or using software like QGIS.

The data in your file might not be saved in a format that is compatible with the plugin. Refer to the original amcharts documentation on how to create custom maps for more information.

Once you have the file, you can host it on your own site or even an external service like Github Gist.

Use custom file as map source

When the file is online, you can create your map and select the ‘Custom Map Source’ option in the ‘Map to display’ dropdown.

[Pro] Use custom geoJSON file

Quebec Region Example

In this example I have extracted the geoJSON data for the region of Quebec in Canada and used it as a custom source. I hosted the file on GitHub Gist service. To use the files hosted on GitHub, make sure to use the ‘Raw’ version of the link.


If your file is not working properly, try running your geojson code through our GEOJSON Tool.