Drilldown Map

There are a lot of scenarios where you need multiple maps with different levels of detail all in the same page. The PRO version of the plugin allows you to have multiple maps on the same page and display them in a drilldown approach, where you have an initial map and then the other maps will only display after you click a specific region. You can try this in the example below. When you click the US or Canada, the more detailed map for that country will display.

The plugin is only able to display maps already provided, so it’s not possible to drilldown forever. In this case we can only drill down into the US State county map (California in this example) as the plugin doesn’t have individual maps for each county.

Still, there’s a lot of potential in the experience you can provide to your user with this approach. Each of the maps can have markers and labels, independent of the main initial map.

Read more about this feature and how you can build a map like this.

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