Specify Regions to Display

For each map you display you can select to include or exclude specific regions or countries. In the example below we choose to include only specific countries of the European map.

This is particular useful, for example, if you want to show or hide Antarctica in the world map.

This is done by specifying which regions to hide or to display, in the regions section of the map you’re creating.

You can start with a base map, which could be the world map or a continents map and then create your own map with the countries or regions you need to display.

Other Examples

In this example we display a partial world map with only Europe, Middle East and Africa displaying and we added some markers on top.

We selected the ‘World Regions Low’ map to display and specified the 3 regions to display, to get this map. We also needed to change the default viewport height of the map, to get a more vertical aspect ratio.

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Specify Regions to Display
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