Include or Exclude Specific Countries or Regions

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For each map you display you can select if you want to include specific regions from the list of available ones or exclude selected ones. A normal use case would be to exclude Antarctica from the World Map, which the plugin already does by default.

When editing your map, in the Regions tab you’ll find the following options:

options panel
Include and Exclude options in v.1.0 of the plugin

On each field you’ll need to enter the code of the region you want to include or exclude. You’ll find the available codes in the sidebar when editing a map.

Include or Exclude Specific Countries or Regions
List of available regions and codes in the sidebar in v.1.0 of the plugin.

Each code must be separated by a comma. For example:


When using the option to include, if this field is not empty, the map will only include the regions you have specified.

When using the exclude field, the map will display all regions and then exclude the ones you specify.

The options will not work together, you should use one or the other.