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Create minimalist interactive US maps, including individual maps of each US State divided by Counties. Get access to 200+ maps.

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Simple & Ready to Use

The plugin allows you to load hundreds of different maps available in the amcharts library, including different maps for the United States of America, with and without territories and each of the states divided by counties.
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New York State Map Example

One plugin, hundreds of possibilities

USA Maps for WordPress

More than 200 maps

World maps, continents and single countries.

USA Maps for WordPress

Map Combinations

Canada and US divided by regions/states.

USA map divided by states in world map

States in World Maps

Overlay a regions map into the world map.

Heatmap of US


Automatically colour states based on given values.

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Provide high quality interactive maps to your visitors in minutes.

USA Maps for WordPress

For Travel Bloggers

Do you have a traveling website focused on US? Or you need a world maps and a specific US map? You need to link each country or state to a list of articles about that region? We got you covered. Some of the most interesting features for travel bloggers:

USA Maps for WordPress

⚑ For Business Websites

Offices, stores, projects, vendors or any other thing. Use interactive markers in the US map to point out locations related with your business. Some of the most interesting features for business:

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Free Version

250+ Maps

World maps (with and without Antarctica), maps of continents and regions (Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South America).

US States divided by counties (California, Texas, Florida, New York and all the others)

All countries in the world, including United States of America, Germany, France, United Kingdom (UK), Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Italy, Poland, South Africa, Brazil, India, Japan and many others.

Slower Support

While we still offer support to the free version, we won’t prioritize it and it will be slower.

Colour Regions (One colour)

You can colour the regions you want, selecting a colour for the inactive regions and another for the active regions.

Round Markers (One colour)

You can add round coloured markers to specific locations. All markers will have the same size and colour.

Simple Zoom

Zoom in and out controls can be added to the map.

Open URL on click

When a region or marker is clicked, you can set it to open a custom URL.

Pro Version

From $2.49/month

All Features of Free version

All maps and features available in the free version are also available in the Pro version.

Priority Support

If you have a Pro subscription you’ll have priority support. Usually in less than 24h you should have a follow up reply.

Colour Regions and Markers Individually

You can colour each region and marker individually, you don’t need to have them all with the same colour or size.

Images and Vector Icons

You are not limited to the round coloured markers. You can use a set of predefined vector icons or even use a custom image.

Text Labels and Lines

You can further enhance the map with text labels and even lines connecting the markers.

Advanced Zoom

Reset zoom position, double-click zoom, mouse wheel zoom and other advanced zoom functionalities available.

Advanced click actions

You can set different types of actions when a region or markers is clicked, like opening URLs, lightboxes or display content below or next to the map.

Many other features

The Pro version includes many other features not listed here. Check out the full list of features.

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