[Pro] Add automatic labels to regions

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To add labels to the regions on the map automatically, you can enable the ‘Automatic Labels’ option, in the Regions tab.

[Pro] Add automatic labels to regions

You can enable them for the active regions only – the entries that you added data to – or to all regions in the selected map. You can change some of the visual settings, like size and colour.

Once they are enabled and display in the preview, you can also drag&drop the labels in the preview, to place them in different locations. The labels can be the name of the region, the region code or a custom source. In the case of the USA seen in the example below, we selected the ‘Converted Region Code’ as the source of the labels, so that only the 2 letter codes display, like NY instead of US-NY which is the original region code.

Posted by Carlos Moreira

Lead developer of Interactive Geo Maps plugin.