[Pro] Get Plugin Beta Releases

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When using the Pro version of the plugin, you can get beta releases earlier. These are versions that haven’t been fully tested, but are available to use already.

We do not advise you to use this option unless you have been asked by the plugin author to test a feature or if you’re using the plugin in a development environment. Use at your own risk.

To get access to Beta version, go to the ‘Account’ page under the map menu and enable the option to ‘Join Beta’.

[Pro] Get Plugin Beta Releases

After you enable this option, if you check for updates, you should be able to update to the latest beta version:

[Pro] Get Plugin Beta Releases

You can turn on and off this option whenever you want.

If you’re getting the latest beta version just to fix a bug in your current version, we advise you to turn off the Beta option after you update, to avoid getting unnecessary update notices.