[Pro] Importing map data from other plugins

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Currently it’s only possible to import data from the Interactive World Maps plugin. You can copy regions maps and markers map that are using the coordinates mode.

To do it, you’ll need to access your old map and in the edit screen copy the contents from the ‘Advanced Tab’ of the Interactive Regions section:

Interactive World Maps plugin Advanced editor

Once you have that content, you can create a new map with Interactive Geo Maps Pro plugin and head to the regions or markers tab, scroll down to the ‘Custom Data Source’ option and enable it. Then select the ‘Raw Data Content’ as the source of data and a textarea will appear.

Custom Data Source option

This is where you can place the data from the previous map. If the regions codes – or coordinates – are correct, the map should be populated with this data.

Currently this feature is only able to read the raw data, it won’t actually import the entries. So unfortunately to edit them you would need to edit them directly.