[Pro] Map Legend

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You can create a legend for your maps, with a coloured square and some text to provide information about the map being displayed. The legend can be created automatically or manually.

You can find those options in the ‘Legend’ tab of the map edit screen. There are 2 main sets of options:

[Pro] Map Legend
Auto Legend options
[Pro] Map Legend
Custom Legend options

The automatic legend can be interactive, showing/hiding the target set of data. The custom legend entries however can’t be interactive. You can have one set of legends, auto or custom, or even both enabled in a map.

For each set of data to display in the legend automatically, they need to have the option to ‘Include in Legend’ enabled. For example, if you want the round markers to display in the legend, under the round markers tab, enable the option to show in legend. The same for the regions and the other types of markers.

The auto legend will automatically display information about the sets of data that have the ‘include in legend’ option enabled. In one map it would be the regions, round markers, icon markers, region markers and labels. If you want to have different automatic legend for 2 different sets of markers, you’ll need to use the overlay technique, like in the example below.

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The example above uses the overlay technique, to have an automatic clickable legend that targets different sets of markers, on the bottom left and a custom legend in the top left corner.