[Pro] Tooltip only on markers and not on regions

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If you don’t want to display the tooltip on a particular marker or region, if the tooltip field is empty, nothing will display.

If you can’t have the tooltip field empty for some reason (maybe it’s being populated from an external source) one workaround would be to set a global tooltip template that won’t return a value, using a placeholder that doesn’t exist, for example {none} and then on the marker/regions specific tooltip template field, set the proper placeholder, like the screenshots show.

[Pro] Tooltip only on markers and not on regions
First set a placeholder in the global tooltip options. Set a placeholder that doesn’t exist.
[Pro] Tooltip only on markers and not on regions
Then in the Markers > Tooltip Template option, set the original placeholder – or any other existing placeholder – so that the tooltip displays.

This should prevent tooltips from displaying except on the entries (Regions or Markers) where you have set the proper tooltip template.


Posted by Carlos Moreira

Lead developer of Interactive Geo Maps plugin.