What happens if I cancel my subscription?

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Consider the following scenarios:

  • You have a monthly or anual subscription and you stop paying it
  • You decide to cancel your monthly or anual subscription
  • You disable the license on a given site to enable it in a different website
  • You don’t pay a subscription after the free trial period

These are scenarios where your license is no longer valid for the website where the plugin was installed. Although there are some diferences, the main questions is:

What happens to my maps, after my license is no longer valid?

The simple answer is that the plugin will revert to the free version and the Pro features will no longer work.

However, there are some specific details on how this happens, if you want to know more details. Your maps will still display, but they may look different, depending on what features you used.

More details below.

If you don’t edit your map, your data won’t be lost.

If you built a map with text labels, lines, regions with different colours, etc, even after the license is no longer valid, the data will still be in the database and the free version will actually render some of that data into the map. However, the moment you open that map to edit it, your data will be lost, since the map will only save data related with the free features. So basically, you can’t update your maps, without loosing Pro features related data.

Most Pro features will stop working

Although the map still contains the data related with the Pro features, the plugin will not load essential files needed to render that data into the map. Some examples of features that will stop working:

  • All click actions will stop working, except on cases where you use the default action to open URL.
  • Vector Icons will not render.
  • Heatmaps and overlay maps won’t render

Some things will still work (until you edit your map)

If you don’t edit your maps, some of the data will still render into the map. For example:

  • Different colours for regions
  • Different colours and sizes for the markers

But consider that as soon as you edit your map, this will be lost to.

How to avoid this?

The best is to get a ‘Lifetime’ license straight away. You’ll just need to make a one time payment and you license won’t have time limit. This way you’re not tied into a subscription and you won’t risk loosing data or have important features for your maps stop working.

Before your subscription expires or before you decide to cancel it you can also export each map, so you have a copy of your data, in case you decide to renew your license later on and want to import previously built maps.