Advanced Map Zoom

The free version of the plugin offers a simple zoom feature, with zoom in/out controls display at the bottom right of the map and the ability to drag/pan the map with the mouse or in a touch device. The Pro version of the plugin will include more options to enhance the zoom feature, including:

  • Home Button
  • Double click zoom
  • Mouse wheel zoom
  • Change controls position

Advanced Zoom Example

In the map above you can use the mouse wheel to zoom, double click and use the home button to reset the map position. We added the controls to the bottom left position, but they can be in any of the map’s corners.

These features are only available on the PRO version of the plugin, which you can try for free, soon.

6 Replies to “Advanced Map Zoom”

  1. Hi Carlos,

    I downloaded this plugin and it was really helpful. The only thing I need is to have the original zoom in level 3 and control de initial coordinates. I just wanted the north and south america map but because I could not find it I use the entire world map. So now I want to control coordinates and zoom but I do not know how. Should I edit .js . Or when would you have the premium version available.?

    Thank you


    1. Hi! Thank you for the positive feedback! This will be available on the PRO version, which will be available early next month, first week of January 2020 if all goes well. You’ll be able to do exactly what you described. Currently also working on examples and documentation also:
      Keep an eye on the updates and this website for information on the PRO version. Greetings, Carlos


  2. Hello!

    Great plugin! I have the PRO version, and it works perfectly!
    The only problem I have is that the zoom buttons and the full view buttons collide, and they are (literally) on top of each other.

    Is there a way to fix that?

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Anna
      Thank you for using the plugin. You can choose the position of the full screen button and the zoom buttons, so they don’t collide. They both default to the lower right corner, but you can change that in the options for each of them. Greetings, Carlos


  3. Hi Carlos,

    is there a possibility to only zoom further in and not to zoom out the whole map, when you have already edited the initial zoom-position of the map?

    Thank you


    1. Hi Agnes
      Currently only possible with a small code snippet you can add in the map’s custom JS field:
      Greetings, Carlos


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