Getting a Google API Key

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The Google Maps API key is not mandatory for the plugin to work. It is only necessary to enable the geocoding feature when creating markers, to get the coordinates of a place directly from the create map page. Using the API Key from Google might have associated costs, be aware of this.

You can refer to the official documentation from Google on how to get an API Key:

The most important steps are the following:

  • Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console.
  • Click the project drop-down and select or create the project for which you want to add an API key.
  • Click the menu button and select APIs & Services > Credentials.
  • On the Credentials page, click Create credentials > API key.
  • The API key created dialog displays your newly created API key.
  • Click Close.
  • The new API key is listed on the Credentials page under API keys.
  • (Remember to restrict the API key before using it in production.)

Once you have the API Key, you can add it in the settings page:

Getting a Google API Key