[Pro] Rendering shortcodes in action content

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When using click actions to open lightbox or display content below or next to the map, you can use normal text, html and even shortcodes. However not all shortcode generated content will work properly. Static content with some images and maybe some links will probably work just fine. However more interactive content like forms or sliders, might not work as expected, as they would work outside the lightbox or the hidden content.

These limitations are particularly noticeable in the lightbox content. When the lightbox is opened, it will clone or move the hidden content into the lightbox and many times the content looses the attached javascript events. This is a limitation of both the Interactive Geo Maps plugin and the way it currently handles the lightbox content and the other plugins that provide you the shortcodes and the way they handle javascript events. If you need to lightbox to render shortcodes of this kind and it’s an essential part of your project, we advise you to subscribe to a trial version of the plugin first to check if the content you need to display works properly.