Map Edit Screen Broken – Not possible to edit map

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If your map edit screen doesn’t look like the screenshot below, then something is wrong.

Map Edit Screen Broken - Not possible to edit map

Below are some of the things that you can check.

Resave the Plugin Settings

It’s possible that for some reason the settings were not properly saved or something interfered with them.

Go to Maps > Settings and resave them.

When doing that make sure your settings are the properly selected, in particular the ones in the ‘Editing’ section.

Map Edit Screen Broken - Not possible to edit map

Check for conflicts with other plugins (or theme)

There could be other plugins creating issues with the map edit screen, since often there are plugins that load files across all admin pages. You can disable the plugins one by one, to check if you can find the one causing the problem. You can also check if it could be the theme. Once you find the culprit, you can contact us and let us know and we can check if there are workarounds, if you still need to use the plugin. But we can’t guarantee we can fix the issue, if the problem is from the other plugin.

You can also check our list of known conflicts.

Is your site hosted on AWS/Google Cloud or a similar service?

Some users reported that the edit screen was not working and we narrowed down the issue to some assets not loading properly, when the site was hosted in a cloud platform like AWS. In particular this happened when using a bitnami provided package. We were able to fix most of these issues in the latest updates. But if you’re facing this problem, check the browser console for 404 errors and write us with these details. If you’re not sure what this mean, no worries, just contact us mentioning you’re having this issue and you’re hosted in one of these platforms and we’ll check what’s happening.

Contact Us

If the solutions above don’t solve your problem, contact us letting us know you already tried the suggestions above.