Maps in different languages

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If you need to have a map in different languages, we recommend using the most simple solution: have a different map, one for each language and place the map on the correspondent language page. If you already have a base map you can use the clone feature to duplicate the content and translate.

All the content that the user sees is possible to edit. Like the tooltip and action content. So for each map you have control over what text displays to the user.

So we don’t recommend you to use translation plugins like WPML or Polylang. If you’re using one of these plugins you should set the ‘Maps’ content type as ‘Non translatable’ to avoid issues.

The approach described above should solve the problem of having the map in different languages.

If you’re using an advanced setup, like a custom tooltip template that is automatically outputting the region name from the map JSON source, that is not possible to translate.

If you’re displaying numbers in your tooltip from custom fields and need the format to follow a specific syntax according to the country, you can set a language in Maps > Settings > Amcharts > Locale. This will only have an impact in the format of dates and numbers, it will not translate region names.