[Pro] Adding Icons to the Map

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The plugin offers 2 ways of using icons in your map:

  • Vector Icon Markers – offers a set of builtin vector icons you can use;
  • Image Markers – Upload your own custom image/icon.

Vector Icon Markers

The option to add vector icon markers offers the possibility to add any of the builtin vector icons, which you can scale, change color and chose the alignment.

[Pro] Adding Icons to the Map

When adding a new marker, you can use the default values or choose custom ones:

[Pro] Adding Icons to the Map

For each vector icon, you can select the position it will take in relation to the coordinates added. For example, a pin marker will probably have the location under it, but an arrow might have it to the right. You can also select the size of the icon, colours and click action.

If you want to use an icon that is not on the list, you can either use an image marker or code a custom addon to add your vector icon.

Image Markers

You can upload your own images and use them as markers.

[Pro] Adding Icons to the Map

For each entry you can set it to use the default values or set custom ones. For the image marker you can select its size, position and click action. The main difference with the builtin vector icons is that you won’t be able to select a colour for it. You can however upload custom SVG files to use as markers.