[Pro] Change initial zoom and center

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To change the initial zoom level of a map and change the center of the map when it first loads, you can use “Viewport Settings” panel in the “Visual Settings” tab of your map when using the PRO version.

[Pro] Change initial zoom and center

Change initial zoom

To change the initial zoom you simply have to select the number you want the zoom to start at. The values must be integer values, like 1 or 2. It can’t contain decimal values like 1.5.

Change initial center

Center Coordinates

There are 2 ways you can change the initial center of the map. If you have used the the option to change the initial zoom, you will probably just need to use the option to set a new center using coordinates. You just need to enter the latitude and longitude for the point on the map you want to use as a center. You can use the map preview, when building the map, to move the map around or click a point to get the coordinates in the ‘Map Information’ panel.

[Pro] Change initial zoom and center

You may want to enable zoom and dragging to allow you to adjust the map position directly in the preview to get the better results. Once you have the coordinates in place, the map will load with the center on that point.

Projection Offset

The method of using the ‘Projection Offset’ option to change the map initial center point is particularly useful if you haven’t changed the initial zoom level and are using the full world map and want to shift the map position. One common scenario is to get Russia all on the right side of the map. Other use cases could be creating world maps centered in particular countries. Below is an example.

The above map was created by changing the longitude to -160. Manipulating the latitude values is less common as it will distort the map a lot because of the projections. As expected, the values can go from -360 to +360.