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Display a List

To display a list with the active entries from a specific map that interacts with the map itself, you can use the following shortcode format:

[display-map-list id='X']

Replacing X with the ID of the map you want to represent. Since this is a shortcode you can display it anywhere you want on your page.

Display a dropdown

To display the list in a dropdown format, you can use the following shortcode:

[display-map-dropdown id='X']

When an option is selected in the dropdown, it will trigger the click action on that option, if the map is on the same page.

Using the list/dropdown on different pages

You can use the above shortcode on different pages, where the map is not present. You can include the extra ‘url’ parameter to have the entries link to the page where the map is and have the selected entry display on the map by default.

[display-map-dropdown id='X' url='https://link_to_map_page']

Change Label

If instead of the name of the region/marker you need to use a different label for your list entries, you can use the label parameter in the shortcode. This is particularly useful if you’re using external data sources. At the moment however it only supports top level parameters. For the dropdown, you can control this directly in the map edit screen, in the map controls options.

[display-map-list id='X' label='name']


If nothing happens when you select an entry from your dropdown or list, the most common reason is the region/marker title/identifier having special characters. Make sure the title of the entries doesn’t have any commas, quotes and other characters like that. The tooltip content and action content can have special characters, just the title/identifier shouldn’t have them.

Posted by Carlos Moreira

Lead developer of Interactive Geo Maps plugin.