[Pro] Display Only Entries From Current Page

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With the Post Types and Meta Fields Addon you can also create maps that display different markers or interactive regions based on information associated with the page currently displaying. You can have custom fields that store locations or identify specific countries or regions and include a map on this page that will display that data.

You simply need to have the option “Only From Current Page” enabled.

[Pro] Display Only Entries From Current Page

Imagine for example that you have a ACF repeater field that has a Google Maps field, to identify locations from a specific map, which are associated with the current page. You can have the same map display different markers, depending on the page the user is currently viewing.

Another trick you can use is to have a field identifying a country or region and then use that together with the option to populate the map regions with this data and the option to ‘only display active regions’ to display that region/country map on current page.

Do not use the post_content placeholder in the “other map fields” option, if you have this option enabled. It will cause an error.