[Pro] Enable Live Filter

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You can have a live filter above or below the map that will show/hide the maps that you overlay. This is an alternative way of filtering the maps, besides the legend filter.

  • All
  • Blue Markers
  • Orange Markers

To do this consider that you’ll need to have multiple maps created. The filter will basically show/hide the different maps. Once you have the different maps created, go to the ‘Overlay’ section of your map and select the maps you want to include. Then, below you can enable the external live filter.

[Pro] Enable Live Filter

Once you enable the live filter you can select if you want to display it above or below, choose the text to display in the button that will display all maps and also which map to display by default. If you want all entries to display by default, select the current map. The option to select the current map will only display after you save the map the first time.

If you want to have one map displaying by default and hide the others, simply select the map you want to display first in this option.

Hiding the ‘All’ option

If you want to hide the ‘All’ menu filter option, add this to the custom CSS field of the map:

ul.igm-live-filter > li:first-child {