[Pro] Geolocate Content

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In the Pro version there’s a feature that will allow you to geolocate the content of your website and populate the map automatically with this content.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Geolocate Content, where you can enable geolocation features for selected post types.

[Pro] Geolocate Content
Settings Screen

It will add extra meta boxes to the edit screen of those post types with options to associate coordinates for a specific location or a region or country code.

[Pro] Geolocate Content
Geolocate Content options metabox on a Post screen

You can then have a map automatically be populated with this data, by enabling the proper option in the map edit screen.

[Pro] Geolocate Content
Edit Map Screen

There’s an extra option to ‘Populate with a single geolocate entry’, which will allow you to place the same map in different maps and the map will be populated only with the geolocated information of that particular page. So you can have a map for a particular country in different pages and then have markers associated with each page, that will display on the map. This way you don’t need to create different maps, only one map.

Posted by Carlos Moreira

Lead developer of Interactive Geo Maps plugin.