[Pro] How to Overlay Maps

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Overlaying different maps will allow you to display multiple maps in the same parent map. You will need to create the different maps first and then in one of the maps, which we will call the parent map, you can go into the overlay section and select any of the previously created maps. This will display all of the selected maps together. You can also reorder the selected maps, to change the order they are overlaid, in case you need markers or regions to be on top.

[Pro] How to Overlay Maps

This feature will also allow you to explore other features like:

  • Drilldown Maps
    To click a region on the map and revel a different map
  • Live Filter
    To show/hide different maps using a menu or dropdown
  • Display country regions in world map
    To display a world map (or any other map) and a specific country map divided by regions
  • Merge different maps together
    To display more than one country map divided by regions, for example.

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