Europe map with HTML tooltips

For this example I created a simple Europe map where some countries display a tooltip when hovered. All of this using only the features provided by the free version of the plugin:

To build this map I selected the ‘Europe Low’ option in the ‘Map to display’ dropdown. In the regions tab I added data to some countries, adding a long text as the tooltip content. Some screenshots below:

Administration screenshot of the regions panel of the plugin

In the tooltips we can use simple html tags to format the content, like <strong> and </i> for example. This will allow you to enhance the tooltip visuals a little bit.

If you go to the ‘Map Features’ tab, you’ll be able to customize the tooltip, edit the font size and the tooltip overall aspect.

Europe map with HTML tooltips
Some of the available options to customize the tooltip.

In the free version you can also set a URL to open when a country is clicked, allowing you to make the map even more interactive.

If you have any question on how to build a map like this one or have a special map request, feel free to leave a comment below.

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