Population of cities in South Africa

In this example we created a markers map with information about the population of the main cities in South Africa. We used heat map rules to make the markers bigger when the population numbers are bigger.

The map is actually reading data from a Google Spreadsheet. Read more information about this technique.

4 Replies to “Population of cities in South Africa”

  1. I am about to purchase this map plugin as it seems to meet all my needs, how did you accomplish the cities within South Africa?


    1. Hi Clinton, the cities where added as markers and the data was in a google spreadsheet file provided by a user.


      1. Clinton dos Santos August 13, 2020 at 9:25 am

        Hi Thanks for the reply. Would it be possible for me to drill down from a full map of South Africa into a province with the districts split up like this for the specific, clicked province?


        1. Unfortunately not, since the plugin does not include include individual province maps.


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