Live Filter and Clustered Markers

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With the Pro version you can display a live filter, that will show/hide markers from different maps that can be clustered.

In this example we see how the live filter behaves when the markers from the different maps are clustered. The markers will only create clusters with other markers from the same map. When we change the filter, the zoom will also reset.

Toggle visibility of single markers in the map

If you want to display only one marker at a time, you can use some custom JS to hide all markers and display only one at a time and toggle between them using the list or dropdown feature.

To achieve this you can add the following code to your map, changing the ID of your map and the name of the marker you want to use by default.

Live filter on map with vector icons

The challenge today was to replicate an existing map that a client already had online in a website, but needed more flexibility. Requirements:

For this project we used the overlay technique, which allows us to display multiple maps in the same base map and filter them if necessary either with a legend or an external live filter. So we create 4 maps:

  • Map for International Projects
  • Map for National Projects
  • Map for Biennials
  • Base map, with the 3 maps above in overlay

This is the result:

  • All
  • Bienals
  • International Projects
  • Nacional Projects

It’s worth noting also that we used the option to load content from a raw data source, a specific CSV format. This allowed us to import the data from the already existing map.

If you want to replicate a specific map let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Using legend to filter markers

A user recently asked me if it would be possible to have a map with markers that could be filterable. The PRO version of the plugin allows you to display different maps in the same base map and have the legend enable/disable the different maps included. This is small sample of what could be done:

Click to see more details.

You can click the legend items to enable/disable markers and you can click individual markers to reveal information to the right of the map. The map can grow to have more categories and even include interactions in the regions themselves.

The way this is done is that we created one map for each category, enabled the ‘include in legend’ for the markers and then created a ‘base map’, which is the one we’re seeing above, that displays all the category maps.

The Interactive Legend and action to display content to the right of the map are only available in the PRO version.