Counties and Unitary Authorities in the UK

The UK can be subdivided in many different ways and the plugin is not able offer all of them. However, with the Pro version we can include custom geojson map sources to generate the maps. That’s what we did here to get the map of  Counties and Unitary Authorities in the UK.

We used a dataset from the Open Geography Portal, provided by the Office for National Statistics. We then used some of the tools available to make the map compatible with the plugin. This is the generated geojson file.

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  1. Hello I may be interested in purchasing this however I need to know if I can use it for London only with the post areas or Boroughs as we call then in UK.



    1. Carlos Moreira July 28, 2021 at 3:56 pm

      Hi Gus! You would need to have the map you need in Geojson format, to be able to use it. Just like in the example above. The plugin itself doesn’t have that map. Greetings, Carlos


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