Click Actions Overview

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The plugin offers some builtin actions to trigger when a marker or region is clicked. All click actions will obtain its data from the ‘Action Content’ field. Below you can find more details about each one.

Included in Free version

The free version of the plugin includes the following actions:

  • Open URL
    When this action is selected, the map will open the URL placed in the ‘Action Content’ field for that region or marker, in the same window/tab.
  • Open URL in new tab
    This action will open the URL placed in the ‘Action Content’ field in a new window/tab.

As the titles of each action suggest, they simply open the provided URL in the same tab or a new tab.

Included in Pro version

The pro version provides much more builtin actions.

When using the option to display content to the right or below the map, the map will load with a space where the content will display. The description of your map will be the default value that will display in that area.

More details about the available actions soon.