Google Sheets API v3 being deprecated

Google will be deprecating the Sheets API v3, that allowed us to get a particular URL format to get a public spreadsheet in JSON format, capable of populating the maps, as described in our documentation article.

From August 2021 the requests to those JSON urls might fail. If you were using the method described in our documentation page using the JSON approach, your maps might start to work intermittently or stop displaying data because of this. There might be cases where the data displays, but won’t update, meaning they are displaying a cached version, since it can’t get new versions.

We’ve been working on a workaround solution and a specific feature to display data from a Google Spreadsheet, but this will require a Google API Key also. The new feature will be available from version 1.4.12 and looks like this:

Google Sheets API v3 being deprecated

If you’re reading this article and still don’t see the new feature, you can update to the latest beta version.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • If your spreadsheet already had the format suggested in our documentation article, you don’t need to change anything in the spreadsheet. It should have the first row as the headers/names in each column and the data entries on each row;
  • When editing the spreadsheet, you can get the Spreadsheet ID in the URL;
  • You’ll need a Google API Key with the Spreadsheets service enabled;
  • The Sheet range option is usually the name of the sheet, usually Sheet1;
  • The ID property is mandatory and should be the title of the column that contains the region codes (or unique text identifier for markers);
  • The Action Content Property is optional.

You can refer to the documentation page for more details. If you have problems migrating the service, contact us.

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