Group Hover Example with Custom Middle East Map

In this example we explored the group feature together with the overlay maps option to achieve the map below. The requirements where that some countries would share the same hover state but keep individual tooltips.

The map above actually represents 3 different maps. The main map with the dark purple and then 2 maps for each group of countries in green. The 3 maps are displayed in the same using the overlay feature, available in the PRO version, where each of the overlaid maps has the ‘Group’ option enabled, so that they share the same hover effect. In this particular example we included individual tooltips for each country even in the grouped countries, by adding an individual entry for each country, instead of ‘grouping’ them in one entry.

The above map, with only these countries, doesn’t exist by default. We created a ‘custom map’ by using the ‘Regions to Display‘ option and specifying the regions we wanted from the included world map.

If you have any question on how to create a similar map feel free to contact us.

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